Tickets are to be retrieved at WILL CALL at NEW BELGIUM BREWERY starting at 9am, Saturday May 5th. 

CLASSES will be held at various locations:

White Labs (upstairs)

The Mothlight (in their commercial bake kitchen)

TUPELO HONEY TEST KITCHEN @ 1950 Hendersonville Rd next to WILD GINGER 

Living Web Farm

Carolina Ground (directions will be on your ticket)

In terms of distance 

  • It’s less than 2 miles (1.8) between New Belgium Brewery (where tickets will be picked up) and White Lab, so Id give 10-15 minutes to get there (map quest says 8 minutes but Id play it safe) 
  • it’s 1.6 miles between New Belgium + Mothlight — again, to be safe 10-15 minutes drive
  • 4.1 miles between White Lab + Mothlight— again, 10-15 minutes
  • 8.5 miles from New Belgium to TUPELO TEST KITCHEN , ABOUT 2O MINUTES
  • 20 miles from New Belgium to Living Web Farm— so 30 minutes
  • 12 miles between TUPELO TEST KITCHEN and Living Webb— about 25 minutes
  • AND Carolina Ground is 5 minutes from New Belgium 

Pretty much allow 10-15 minutes for the in town locations, 20 min for Selina’s, and 30 min for Living Web Farm