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Tips and Tricks from Modernist Bread & Other Great Uses for Your Levain from Bread Alone Bakery


Co-taught by Sharon Burns-Leader and Stephanie Swane, this hands-on class will explore the many uses for that extra Levain (beyond bread), and what to do with old bread; how to freeze and refresh bread; and how to make Kvass from day old bread. The class will learn how to use their starter to make sourdough crackers, chocolate cake and savory pancakes from the co-owner of Bread Alone Bakery.

Stephanie Swane is the publisher and editorial director of Modernist Cuisine’s in-house publishing department The Cooking Lab. In 2017, after four years of compiling research, the award-winning Modernist Bread was published, and now the team is focusing on the translations of Modernist Bread in Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, which will be on sale in 2019. Over the last five years she has traversed the globe to help the team research bread from every imaginable angle. Stephanie has met with experts in baking, milling, agriculture, production, history, fermentation, and beyond. She regularly attends industry workshops and conferences that cover all aspects of baking, from commercial production to cereal science. Stephanie is currently leading the editorial team in writing and publishing Modernist Cuisine’s upcoming book Modernist Pizza.

Sharon Burns-Leader is vice president of Bread Alone Bakery, which over the years, has translated to Sharon as Bread Alone's baker, accountant, general manager, pastry chef, chef, and more.